Rising Stars

Parent Information


Please take the time to familiarize your family with all exits in the arena. In the event of an emergency, the coaches will evacuate the skaters from the nearest and safest exit point (guards and personal belongings will be left behind). We will muster in the school field across from the arena – please meet us there. 

Clothing & Equipment

  • Skaters should be dressed in warm but tight fitting, athletic clothing or skating dresses. Coaches need to be able to see the skater’s body as they move to make corrections. 
    • No toques, scarves, loose pants, hooded jackets or sweatshirts, snowpants or winter jackets. 
  • Hair and bangs must be tied back off of the face. Warm headbands may be worn      but must not restrict vision. 
  • Skaters must wear athletic clothing and running shoes for their dryland training sessions. 
  • Helmets are optional, but if your skater would like to wear one, it needs to be a      CSA approved hockey helmet. 
  • Skates  should have strong ankle support. Your child’s ankles should be upright      when standing in skates. There should be no creases/folding on the skate itself. The ankles of the skate should be stiff to squeeze. Proper figure skates can be purchased at Koops Bike & Skate Shop or North Edge Ice Sports. 
    • When ying skates make sure they are snug from the toe through to the ankle.       Do NOT tie laces around the ankle. If laces are long, they can be tucked in or double knotted. 

What is Rising Stars?

Rising Starts is a learn-to-figure skate program for the equivalent of Star 1 and those preparing for Star 2. The curriculum for this program has been developed by our own coaches for skaters to build a solid foundation for long term success in the sport of figure skating. Skaters will work on basic skating skills, turns and transitions, performance/presentation, jumps, spins, field movements and much more! Typically a skater will come on the ice and warm-up for several minutes, performing basic skating skills, after that they will begin their instruction time with the coach (es) followed by creative skating or free time. Note: at the end of every session, skaters are asked to curtsey to their audience. We invite you to cheer and applaud their hard work.

Off Ice training, also known as dryland training, is a vital part of the Rising Stars curriculum. Skaters will train flexibility, learn and strengthen positions that they will use on the ice, perform exercises that will further develop their motor/movement skills and patterns. The off ice portion of the program is not meant to be optional so please be sure your skater attends. 

Competitions & Jamborees

At this stage your skater is eligible to begin competing in figure skating competitions and jamborees. There are fees to register, fees for coaching at the event and you’ll be billed a portion of travel expenses for the coaches. We encourage all of our Rising Stars to attend at least one competition per season. As they get to the next level, the expectation will increase to 2-3 per season. 


The Rising Stars coaching team consists of Jennifer Auston, Samantha Rash, Jacqueline Ettinger and Mayson Williams. They may be assisted from time to time by volunteers.


· EMAIL is our main form of communication. Please keep an eye on your email for important information from the club or the coaches. 

· Website:

· Facebook – search Nechako Figure Skating Club – we have a group for sales/swaps and a page for club info. 

· Bulletin Board & Handouts – we will send letters and notices home from time to time and then they will get posted on the bulletin board in the lobby. 


Contact us:

o Jennifer Auston is the Director of Skating. If you have questions, concerns or would like some feedback on your skater’s progress, please contact Jennifer: 250-640-9842 or by email:

o Or you may reach out to a board member, please visit our website for a list of current board members. 


Each Rising Stars family is expected to fulfil volunteer time with the club. We will email you with all of the opportunities as they come up. 

Viewing the session / Parent Expectations

We invite parents to view the Rising Stars sessions from the bleachers. Parents are not permitted to watch from the player’s benches/box. We kindly ask that parents do not ‘coach’ their child as it may interfere or counter what they are being taught by the professional coaches. But we certainly encourage you to cheer them on! At this time parents are not permitted to view dryland training sessions. 

As a safety pre-caution, skaters are not permitted to leave the ice surface without permission from the coach. If they have to leave early, please notify the coach so they can adjust their head count. 

Noises can be a safety issue and act as a distraction for our coaches and skaters. We do NOT allow dry floor hockey, ball play or any kind of noisy play in the rink while we are on the ice. 


It is expected for all skaters to listen and follow instructions, participate in all activities and to adhere to all coaches and program assistants on the ice. If a skater is not doing this, they may be asked to leave the ice for the rest of the session.